Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baked BBQ Chicken

My parents came out for the weekend and my dad doesn't eat a lot of beef or high fat foods. So I knew I would make chicken for him. I decided to doubled the recipe because my sister was over with her family and before you know it you have to make food for 10 people. I paired it with basmatti rice which is one of my favorite rices. I love the scent and fluffiness and it pairs well with a lot of different foods. Have it all with a green salad on the side and you have a delicious and easy meal for a larger crowd.

Chicken Pieces, about 3-4 lbs.
1 pkg. onion soup mix
1/3 cup margarine
2 tsp. prepared mustard
1 1/2 cup water
1/3 cup vinegar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup ketchup
salt and pepper
Mix sauce together and simmer for 15 minutes. Place chicken in a roasting pan and pour sauce over chicken and bake for 2-3 hours @ 350F.

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